I like to find, restore and research old kitchen things and then put them to use, give them as gifts, or even sell them on my Etsy page. I am also a collector of old cook books and recipes, some of the best of which I hope to be posting here soon!

I enjoy making food by hand in my kitchen and using tools that many hands have used before me. It is through these common utensils, like my rolling pin or baking pan that generations of families have built meals over which they connected. It is through these common utensils that my hands join so many others welcoming people to the table and sharing the hospitality of kith and kin. The combination of humble hands and simple tools has created countless places where food has been shared and hearts unfolded.


2 responses to “About

  1. Phyllis Lewandowski

    Do you have any info about a “golden anniversary ” catalog that covers all products made by Edward Katzinger Co.& the Ekco houseware Co.?

    • I do not about that book. I do know about the Ekco published catalog from 1939 – EKCO PANS: AN ENGINEERING HANDBOOK FOR BAKERS GENERAL CATALOG OF KATZINGER PANS. You can find it to purchase online for between $40 and $50 dollars.

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