Historic Admiral Beatty Hotel Sugar Bowl from 1939 Royal Visit – Heavy Silver Plate

This is a sugar bowl from the historic Admiral Beatty Hotel in Saint John, New Brunswick, built in 1925. This sugar bowl is part of the silver service designed specifically for the 1939 royal visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The service was used in 1951 by Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh (now Queen Elizabeth II), with her husband, Prince Philip when they visited Canada on the King’s behalf.

This piece also is historic in the struggle for civil rights in Canada. The dining room of the Admiral Beatty Hotel was ‘Whites Only’ until 1959, when the New Brunswick government forced it’s integration on the request of Mrs. Lena O’Ree.

The Liberal party, in gratitude for the Black vote, asked Mrs. O’Ree if it could do anything for the Black community. She asked that Blacks be admitted to the dining room of the Admiral Beatty Hotel. It is somewhat ironic that today, the restaurant in the Admiral Beatty building is owned and managed by a Black female chef.

The sugar bowl is made of heavy silver-plate on nickel silver. It was made by Wm. A. Rogers Ltd. (then owned by the Oneida Community) in Canada. It is stamped as ‘Heirloom Plate’.


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